HAVA is re-establishing pre-Christian Germanic/Norse polytheism in the modern world through a rediscovery of the rituals, practices, and contextual worldviews.


Unlike typical decentralized Heathen groups, HAVA adopts a centralized structure, providing clear guidance and cohesive community engagement.


HAVA takes an inclusive or "universalist" approach to Heathenry, and does not discriminate others based on race, ethnicity, nationality, sex, sexual orientation, gender, etc.

DoD Focused

HAVA is dedicated to serving veterans and Active-Duty personnel, aligning its structure and activities with the needs and experiences of Department of Defense.


In HAVA, animism is central, recognizing and honoring the spiritual essence in all aspects of the natural world.


HAVA embraces a pluralistic approach, valuing diverse beliefs and perspectives within the Norse-Germanic Heathen framework.


HAVA adheres to polytheism, honoring multiple deities within the Heathen pantheon, reflecting the rich diversity of ancient Northern spirituality.


HAVA practices immanence in worship, recognizing the presence and influence of the divine in everyday life and the natural world.


HAVA emphasizes orthopraxy, prioritizing correct and traditional practices in Heathenry over uniformity in belief.

Ancestral Veneration

HAVA deeply respects ancestral veneration, emphasizing the importance of honoring and learning from the spirits of our forebears in Heathen traditions.

Vaettir Veneration

HAVA practices Vaettir veneration, acknowledging and revering the spirits of the land, nature, and home as integral to Heathen spirituality.

Values Focused

HAVA is firmly values-focused, grounding its activities and teachings in the core principles of honor, courage, and community intrinsic to Norse Heathenry.

stronger together

Connecting with other Heathens can give us a sense of purpose and fulfillment that can be difficult to find in solitary practice.

HAVA is dedicated to the Heathen Community, and lives according to the values of the Hávamál, the "Sayings of the High One," (Odin).

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FAQ about HAVA

HAVA is an inclusive organization dedicated to supporting Active-Duty and Veteran servicemembers who follow or are interested in Heathenry, a modern revival of pre-Christian Germanic polytheism. We provide  community spaces, resources, and religious support for Heathen veterans to connect with their faith and heritage.

Joining HAVA is simple. We welcome any veterans interested in Heathenry, regardless of their experience level with the faith. You can join by filling out a "Letter of Intent" form on our website. There are no specific requirements, other than being a veteran and having an interest in Heathenry. Once your letter is reviewed you will be issued a "Haligferd" or "sacred quest." Successful completion of this quest allows the potential candidate to receive an oath ring, followed by an oathing ceremony. This sacred vow to the Gods, Vaettir, and Ancestors, renders the member, "Innangarth" or "inner circle." See, the "Join Us" button or bylaws for further information. 

HAVA organizes a variety of events, including blóts (ritual sacrifices), sumbels (ceremonial toasts), workshops on Heathen practices, and social gatherings. We also participate in community service projects and offer support groups for veterans.

Yes, we offer a range of resources for those new to Heathenry or looking to deepen their knowledge. This includes literature, online resources, mentorship programs, and opportunities to learn through community events and rituals.

Support from the broader community is invaluable to us. HAVA is niche-focused on the military community; however, it does not exclude civilians or even non-US persons. Non-Heathens can get involved by donating, volunteering at events, or participating in our public educational programs. We also appreciate those who spread awareness of our mission and values. 

HAVA provides a supportive community for veterans who are also Heathens. We offer religious accommodation support, guidance in spiritual practices, and assistance with integrating Heathen principles into daily life. Due to the lack of Heathen Chaplains for Active-Duty, we are building a Chapter-per-state, which means that there could be a HAVA Chapter at or near your duty station to provide religious support. Additionally, we collaborate with other veteran support organizations to address a wide range of needs.


There are a number of ways to experience the HAVA community